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Too Easy

Posted by annadreambig on October 30, 2012 at 6:55 PM

I have been pretty busy lately, coasting, having fun, planning my next move. A lot has happened the past couple of months, including performing in some really great shows. I had the opportunity to perform at Ithaca College in front of anywhere between 750 to 1000 people, a great audience. I thought I might be too old and out of touch with 18 year olds to really do well, but I got lucky. I also had the fortune to perform at Fort Drum, a military base a couple of hours north of Syracuse. Those servicemen and women and their families were so lovely. I thought they'd be a little uptight and reasonably stressed but they were so ready to laugh. And less than two weeks ago I got to coproduce and perform with Doug Stanhope at the Palace Theater in Syracuse (thanks to Kristen Becker of Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo). I thought he might be a diva or treat me like the nobody that I am or that his cult followers wouldn't get me. Again, I was absolutely wrong. He was the nicest guy you'll ever meet in this business and the crowd of 400-500 people (I'm bad with audience numbers) was receptive. I must say, I'm on the greatest losing streak of the guessing game ever. 

I did, however, possibly burn a bridge in Ithaca, one of my favorite places to perform. The headliner's bus arrived an hour late and the show was cancelled by the time I picked her up and brought her to the venue. I had no control of the situation but I still feel extremely bad about it. I'm sure I'll get back to Ithaca one day, but probably not at the same old places as before. Can't win them all. 

I've been going around from town to town, catching shows and visiting friends in comedy. It's always good fun to see people who share the same sick addiction/obsession as you do. Someone told me I was good at networking but I think it's just that I'm always up for entertaining conversations. And trust me, they're not all entertaining. That's when I walk away. If I was truly good at networking I would stay, listen and talk to people who might benefit me in some way, no matter how uninteresting, conceited, annoying, condescending, etc. No thanks. I'm black already, no need to brown nose. 

Work has been rather demanding and somewhat entertaining lately. Working on a college campus during Halloween weekend is just endless material. From facebook:

The stripper convention is back in town this weekend! (Halloween is Christmas for college kids)



So far my favorite costumes of this weekend are, in no particular order:


"I've got herpes"
"lack of creativity plus bad economy"


"If my mother could see me now"

"I have an extensive comic book collection and I watch pro wrestling as if it's real"

"Daddy issues"

"I'm not really racist, I just play one on Halloween"

"I'll have herpes by tomorrow"

And of course,

"I bet nobody else is original enough to be Batman like me"


I left from work and tried to stop at the gas station but there was a melee in the parking lot. 20 guys standing in a circle yelling out and cheering on six girls on the ground in a battle royale... dressed as sexy kittens, bunnies, mice, devils, etc. I'm moving to the countryside asap where the animals know how to act.

Well that's what's going on over in my neck of the woods. Over the next couple of months I'll be crossing a couple places off of my list of places I'd like to perform. Buffalo, NY and Toronto. Excited to see my friends there on their home turf and see how people respond to my stupid jokes. Until next time...

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