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ocdeez nuts

Posted by annadreambig on December 31, 2012 at 10:10 PM

Get it? OCD? Deez Nuts? hahahaha

Oh man 2012? No end of world? What a letdown. I've been lied to!


Ah well.


I can't believe I'm still doing stand up comedy. It's kinda amazing considering I am a commitment-phobe. The only other thing I've stuck with this long is not turning on the heat in my apartment because I'm cheap and don't want to pay a higher gas and electric bill. That's what coats and blankets are for.


The holiday season flew by thank goodness. I'm a mean one, just a grinch. But I feel like I'm softening up a little. Lots of great shows this year and most of them not caught on video. I hate seeing my face on purpose. What can I say? I didn't go home to Baltimore for the holidays. I chose instead to visit a friend I met through comedy. And I don't even know her as well as I know my friends from years and years ago. But it's something about her that makes me feel so connected to her. I think it's because she's so underappreciated by the world yet still brave enough to be brutally honest. I used to be that brave. No more. I'm still honest, if you ask me directly. But I'm dishonest by omission. I don't think people deserve my opinion on the world unless I really know you. Soon I'll be visiting another friend I met through comedy, who lives in Canada. It's awkward that my standards for friendship have lowered so much. I mean, just because you're a great person and I like you, doesn't mean I should let you get close to me. I used to make people jump through hoops! And then if they were still around when the dust settled I figured they earned it.


I guess I am really am getting soft in some ways. Or I'm just getting so much closer to death it's not even worth putting up a fight.





Oh man, I think this blog is supposed to be funny or at least focused on my comedy journey, not my BS feelings and thoughts and whatnot. Sorry guys. End of year sentimentality I guess. Obviously I've been drinking. It is New Year's Eve for Pete's sake. I don't know who Pete is. If it helps, I will reveal that I've discovered that I drink too much before I go on stage and I will have to change that soon. Maybe before Black History Month. Can't let my ancestors down, you know? Plus, I've decided to invest more time in building a following, so to speak, in Syracuse and stop running around the state so much. Ain't nobody got time for that!









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