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Best. Compliment. Ever.

Posted by annadreambig on August 19, 2013 at 6:55 PM

This isn't an opportunity to brag or anything like that. It's more like a statement of appreciation. I'm actually not that great of a comedian, especially because I will pass on opportunites that would probably get me further all the time. And a lot of times I care too much about the audience having a good time, and let that affect the decisions I make in my performance. But I'm years away from a professional career if I choose to go down that path, so I'm not so worried about the mistakes I'm making now.

I don't usually receive compliments well. They tend to make me uncomfortable, especially because 9 times out of 10 I feel like I could have done much better than I did. Sometimes the compliments just seem like someone being polite and I do appreciate it regardless. I just don't know how to react. But sometimes, the compliment is so thoroughly enthusiastic and sincere and heartwarming that even I, as cynical and self-deprecating as I am, have to recognize that something special happened. Another comic gave me some great advice, which I also read somewhere too, that the best response to compliments after performing is to just say thank you. Pretty simple. I'm going to try to do that from now on.

A lady said to me after I performed with Kyle Grooms, "I just really like your personality." It was the way she said it though that made me want to cry. It was just so sincere. I mean, I know I should want people to tell me how funny I am or how I am the best comedian ever, blah blah blah. But it almost felt like she was saying she liked who I am as a "real" person.  Being a good person is something I'd much rather be than just being a good comic. I would give up comedy if I had to choose between one or the other.  I did say thank you that time. But I had to walk away from her because she was making me feel emotions and I don't like emotions. 

Another example of one those compliments that makes me step back and just realize I can connect to people in a special way came to me via facebook message a day after I was eliminated from The Funniest Person in Rochester contest. I know this is sort of a violation of privacy but whenever I look at this message someone sent me I instantly feel better about everything. 

"My friends won't shut up about how funny your set was yesterday. Comparatively your humor was clean, well thought out and didn't seem over scripted. I don't know how you didn't place. Try not to feel down on yourself for how it worked out, because if nothing else your fan base has at least increased by two (I'm already a fan, so I don't count). I know it doesn't mean much coming from some tree hugger, but the bottom line is that 99% of us go and do our day to day bullshit moving information from one place to another without ever really creating anything, but you on the other hand have the ability to both tolerate the day to day stuff and still have the optimism to create something original at the end of the day. I think there's probably humor to be found in everything but it takes a special kind of person to be able to seek it out rather than be overcome by irrational and reactionary emotions that cause us run from or ignore the issues at hand. Anna, really keep doing what your doing and I know you'll get where you want to go with this. Five gold stars. Good luck."


Thank you.

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